LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– More than two months after lightning left a hole in the roof of a Lakewood condominium complex, some residents are still waiting to rebuild their homes.

“Almost three months and no plan. I’ve had contractors ready to work. This is crazy, crazy and the hazard of having an open roof,” said condo owner Maree Whisenand.

A gaping hole remains in the roof which is keeping condo owners at Tall Pines from fixing their properties.

Whisenand purchased her unit as a rental property just days before lightning struck the roof and started a fire on May 8. At least three condos were damaged.

“That the roof still has a hole in it, that’s a big concern because damage will keep happening,” said Whisenand.

LCM Property Management would not speak on camera but told CBS4 the delays are happening because of “a lack of cooperation” by a homeowner’s insurance company and the permit process.

Whisenand said she just wants her place fixed, “Every week I’m told that the work will start next week and nothing has been done on it. I asked the HOA if they could freeze the dues.”

The condo under renovations (credit: CBS)

The condo under renovations (credit: CBS)

One big challenge has been removing the property from inside one of the units. That homeowner blames the restoration company and disputes claims that there are mold issues inside the property.

Whisenand said she wasn’t even aware that the lightning strike caused so much damage, “I’m out about $1,500 a month in income while it sits.”