DENVER (CBS4)– Parents of children who attend one downtown Denver preschool are making alternate plans after heavy rains flooded the center for the second time in recent weeks. The most recent storms damaged the building.

The roof of the Golden Triangle Learning Center was damaged in a storm two weeks ago and the daycare temporarily closed for repairs. Then the hail storm hit on Wednesday and changed everything.

Water poured in through the roof and caused thousands of dollars in damage. Now the facility needs a new roof.

Administrators decided the situation wasn’t safe for the 60 children who attend there, along with 20 teachers, to return.

Golden Triangle Learning Center (credit: CBS)

Golden Triangle Learning Center (credit: CBS)

Many of the teachers and families have teamed up to find a temporary solution while the repairs continue.

One parent is not only dealing with the preschool closing but a flooded apartment.

“And then for this to happen. It’s just been another big band, it’s just been an incredible amount of rain this spring and I don’t think that Denver is a city that’s been used to that. It’s been too bad and caused a lot of people a lot of problems and a lot of money,” said parent Peter Staley.

The executive director of the Golden Triangle Learning Center said the facility will be closed for at least another six weeks. Even when they reopen, the school is not sure whether it will be in the same building or another location.