LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – The task force formed to investigate the shootings in Northern Colorado is seeking information on a distinct vehicle of interest that may be linked to the deadly shooting in Loveland.

Task force investigators said a person has come forward and said they were shot at the night of June 3 in the area of Denver Avenue and East Eisenhower Boulevard in Loveland. That’s about two miles from East 1st Street and St. Louis Avenue where William Cannole was shot to death that same night.

William Connole (credit: Connole Family)

William Connole (credit: Connole Family)

The person shot at on June 3 was not hurt. Investigators believe it is likely the two shooting incidents are related and were able to establish a vehicle of interest. The task force also confirms that several other people gave descriptions of the truck but wouldn’t elaborate.

It’s not clear why the person who was shot at waited two weeks to contact police.

“On that evening they were shot at, and thankfully they were not hit, they were not injured, but they were able to finally come forward,” said David Moore, the task force spokesman and also a spokesman for the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators are searching for a 1970s model, full-size, single cab Chevrolet or GMC pickup truck that is faded orange in color with a full-size bed. It is possible a 1973-1979 model GM pickup based on the round headlight shape. The pickup is one color, faded orange and has black primer on the driver’s side body.

The vehicle of interest in connection with two shootings in Loveland (credit: Larimer Co. Sheriff)

The vehicle of interest in connection with two shootings in Loveland (credit: Larimer Co. Sheriff)

“Ultimately we just need someone to call the task force with information about this vehicle,” said Moore.

The task force is investigating any possible link between the deadly shooting of Connole, 65, and two previous shootings of a bicyclist and a driver.

The bicyclist, 48-year-old John Jacoby, was found dead May 18 along a rural road in Windsor. On April 22, Cori Romero, 21, was driving on Interstate 25 when she was shot in the neck. She survived. All three shootings occurred within 15 miles of each other.

Windsor police have linked Cori Romero's shooting and John Jacoby's shooting (credit: CBS)

Windsor police have linked Cori Romero’s shooting and John Jacoby’s shooting (credit: CBS)

“There is still no indication of a direct link between those two incidents and the two incidents in Loveland,” said Moore. “The task force does believe it is most likely linked to the most recent incidents in Loveland.”

Connole’s family told CBS4’s Lauren DiSpirito that they are thankful investigators have a lead.

Additional Information from the Task Force:

Authorities would like anyone with any information to call the Task Force Tip Line at 970.498.5595 or via email. If you see this vehicle moving and/or occupied, please immediately call 911 so local law enforcement can respond and follow all the directions of the emergency dispatcher. If you can do so safely, please gather as much information about the vehicle to include license plate state and number, distinguishing characteristics of the vehicle, description of the occupant(s), and/or a photograph.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for any of these crimes.