DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado family rented a car and drove across the country on vacation only to discover they’ve been traveling with a load of marijuana the whole time. The family contacted CBS4 to tell their story as a warning to other Coloradans.

The family rented their car in Denver and drove through Kansas and into Missouri for a wedding last weekend. They then drove all the way back. It was only at the end of their trip that they found pot hidden in a backseat pocket of the rental.

“This was like someone leaving a loaded gun in the car for an 8-year-old to find,” said Doug Moxon.

Doug Moxon talks with CBS4's Mark Taylor (credit: CBS)

Doug Moxon talks with CBS4’s Mark Taylor (credit: CBS)

The family found about 3.5 grams of marijuana.

“I just trusted the rental company to give us a safe car,” he said. “And we almost got pulled over, came close to being pulled over by a Missouri State Police car.”

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It might not be the first time something similar has happened. A CBS4 investigation last year found that pot was ending up inside rental cars at virtually every rental car agency. Employees told CBS4 that it happens more frequently than most would think.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“I saw six police cars involved in traffic stops on the way back,” Moxon said.

Moxon said the rental car company gave him a full refund.

“The branch manager was pretty upset about it,” he said.

The pot found in Doug Moxon's rental car (credit: CBS)

The pot found in Doug Moxon’s rental car (credit: CBS)

He did not want to publicly identify the company but would like changes in policy at all rental agencies in Colorado because if he and his family were stopped, he’d be the one facing fines and possibly jail time.

“The driver is the liable party, he is in control of what is in the car,” Moxon said.

Moxon says he gave the marijuana back to the rental company. Most rental agencies told CBS4 they throw away any marijuana they find.


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