DENVER (CBS4)– Medical marijuana advocates believe the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that Dish Network had the right to fire an employee who tested positive for medical marijuana will have greater repercussions.

The Colorado Supreme Court announced their ruling on Monday which centered around the cast of Brandon Coats.

Coats is a quadriplegic medical marijuana patient who was fired by Dish Network after failing a drug test.

Members of the Colorado medical cannabis community gathered on the steps of the state Capitol to respond to Monday’s ruling on Tuesday.

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They argue that if a medical marijuana patient has no protection for loss of employment under federal law, it could mean state and government workers are also unprotected for allowing the sale of marijuana in Colorado.

“This ruling tells the people of Colorado and the nation that nothing has changed with the passage of Amendment 20,” said Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project spokeswoman Kathleen Chippi. “Even though we have two constitutional amendments legalizing the use and purchase and cultivation of cannabis.”

The case won’t be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dish Network said it is pleased with the ruling.