BERTHOUD, Colo. (CBS4)– Several people living in Larimer and Boulder Counties suffered damage to their homes and property when a tornado hit last week and in the aftermath of flooding caused by torrential rains. They got some relief and information from experts.

More than 100 residents attended the Disaster Assistance Center at the Berthoud Community Center on Tuesday night.

“I’m a renter and I didn’t have any insurance and my landlord has no insurance so who knows?” asked resident Porter Hughes.

Hughes and his neighbors attended the meeting where they got answers from county departments, state agencies and many non-governmental partners. They were available to answer questions and provide assistance on everything from clean-up to financial aid.

An image of the tornado as seen from Longmont (credit: Shannon Aguilar)

An image of the tornado as seen from Longmont (credit: Shannon Aguilar)

That will include assistance for needs related to building and repairs, insurance, cleanup, financial assistance and more.

The meeting began with a brief synopsis of what happened including storm information and the damage path. The remainder of the meeting was opened for community members to ask individual questions and get referrals for ongoing assistance.

On Thursday, a tornado struck Larimer and Boulder Counties, destroying at least six homes and damaging more than 20 others. The heavy rains brought by the same storm system caused flooding in the same region.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

John and Carina Skaggs lost a building in the storm. They appreciated all the agencies being available in one place to help them find solutions.

“We got to connect with a lot of great county and state officials and people who will be willing to help us out in this tough time,” said Skaggs.

“There’s still water coming in through the basement. Sumps are going full time right now,” said Hughes.