BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– A Boulder woman has been charged with serious crimes related to the overdose death of her boyfriend. The woman, who police claim is a known heroin dealer, has been accused of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for supplying him with the drugs.

Nina Schwartz not only lost her fiance but is accused of killing him by giving him heroin.

Austin O’Loughlin was found dead on Feb. 28, lying in filth with syringes near his arm. Police claim Schwartz waited 3½ hours to call 911.

Nina Schwartz (credit: Boulder Police)

Nina Schwartz (credit: Boulder Police)

On her Facebook page she wrote, “We were supposed to be together to the end… and not now.”

Heroin is a readily available drug in the Denver metro area.

Heroin addicts know how dangerous the drug can be.

“It can send you into a coma instantly just doing a tiny little bit because you never know what is in your substance because dealers are just trying to make more money,” said heroin addict “Josh.”

“Dealers are predators, they are predators in our society and they are preying on the misery of other people,” said Step 13 recovery group Peter Droege.

When asked what he thought of heroin dealers, Josh replied, “I hate them, they ruined my life.”


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