JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– A man suspected of a homicide in the Denver suburb of Sheridan apparently tried to get a veterinarian technician to give him drugs to put his dogs to sleep before he was arrested Wednesday morning.

“You could tell there was something very seriously wrong with him and he was crazy,” said Dr. Paula Bumpers with Canyon View Animal Hospital.

Police told CBS4 they believe Nicholas Benhmida shot his stepfather Wednesday at approximately 8 a.m. at West Bear Village, a mobile home park at 3500 South King Street. He then took off and police searched for him for a little more than two hours before they arrested him.

Nicholas Benhmida (credit: Sheridan Police)

Nicholas Benhmida (credit: Sheridan Police)

“The guy came in with his dog, he had a pitbull and said his dog was sick,” said Bumpers.

During that time, about 9:45 a.m. Wednesday, Benhmida went to the Canyon View Animal Hospital located at 12482 West Ken Caryl Avenue in unincorporated Jefferson County and made an unusual request in an exam room.

“I want the drug that you give dogs to put them to sleep because they’re going to go where I go,” said Bumpers. “I presume he was planning on killing himself and taking the dogs with him.”

Canyon View Animal Hospital (credit: CBS)

Canyon View Animal Hospital (credit: CBS)

The vet tech said a veterinarian was not available. That’s when Bumper said Benhmida turned violent.

“He pointed a gun at my tech’s chest and cocked the gun and said, ‘I’m serious. I want the drugs,'” said Bumpers.

The tech brought him into the back room where Benhmida accidentally dropped the euthanasia solution and the bottle shattered.

“He said, ‘What else you got?’ and the tech said, ‘We have some Valium’ and he said, ‘Okay, I’ll take that,'” saod Bumpers.

Benhmida grabbed the Valium and several syringes and ran out of the building.

Nicholas Benhmida being arrested (credit: CBS)

Nicholas Benhmida being arrested (credit: CBS)

Just a few minutes later, police caught up to Benhmida about 10:30 a.m. near a Denny’s restaurant located at Wadsworth Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue and arrested him without incident.

Bumpers is grateful her employees and Benhmida’s dogs were unharmed, “Very happy that they caught him and we don’t have to worry about him coming back.”

Police said Benhmida had two dogs with him when he was arrested. Animal Control was called to handle the dogs.

Benhmida remained in custody Wednesday night on first-degree homicide charges.


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