DENVER (CBS4) – The fact that the Broncos didn’t draft an inside linebacker this year shows the team has full confidence that Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan will be ready and healthy next season.

Marshall, the guest on this week’s Xfinity Monday Live, told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi he’s had a bit of a rough go of it from a medical standpoint recently, but that he’ll be back soon.

Marshall was injured in the Broncos second game against the Chargers last season. An offensive lineman rolled onto his foot, and it never quite felt right after that, so he had surgery.

“The recovery is four months, and I had surgery on March 11. They put two screws (on my foot) to repair torn ligaments. My bones were shifted. That’s why it wasn’t healing right,” he said. “I think when it scarred down it scarred down wrong.”

Marshall is now wearing a medical boot on his foot. He said he expects he’ll be back in action during training camp, though, and he’s pretty happy about that draft decision by the Broncos.

“That’s huge man, because when you think about it me and Danny are hurt, technically. Danny’s got a contract year, he’ll be unrestricted. I’ll be restricted next year. So with all those factors they didn’t draft any (inside linebackers)? That’s a blessing,” he said with a smile.

One offseason move Marshall wasn’t so excited about was the team losing nose tackle Terrance Knighton to free agency. Knighton signed a contract with the Washington Redskins.

“We’re going to miss Terrance, he was like a linebacker’s best friend,” Marshall said. “Unfortunately he’s not here anymore, but I think we have enough capable guys to get the job done.”

Marshall said he expects Marvin Austin and Sylvester Williams will be able to fill the role Knighton played on the defense. The Broncos also signed defensive lineman Vance Walker during free agency.

Watch more video with Brandon Marshall in the Xfinity Monday Live section.


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