DENVER (CBS4) – The violence between gangs in Denver can no longer be ignored by city leaders. Police say they need eyes where witnesses won’t help, so 15 HALO cameras area being added in violent areas.

After Denver police recorded their 12th gang murder in the four months of 2015, city leaders called all hands on deck.

“Make no doubt about it… We’re doubling down on our efforts to end the violence in our communities,” said Mayor Michael Hancock.

In order to suppress the violence, the mayor and Denver police said extra patrols are being added to troubled neighborhoods, more resources will be spent on gang investigation units, and federal agencies will assist.

Providing more 24-hour surveillance to intersections notorious for violence is one strategy.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

However, HALO cameras haven’t always led to more arrests.

In February, a fatal gang shooting occurred near a camera on East 11th Avenue and Broadway. Despite capturing the shooting on video, suspects still couldn’t be named days later.

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrisey said the city needs eyewitnesses to come forward to reduce violence.

“We will work with them, and if necessary we will protect their lives, if they will come forward with the information that will help us solve these cases,” Morrisey said.

Eric Randall runs a community outreach where he talks directly to gang members and neighbors. He said the city needs results beyond cops and cameras.

“It will help them breathe a little easier to see more police and HALO cameras and all of that, but, you know honestly, that’s not even helping the problem,” said Randall.

The mayor said he will use outreach teams in problem neighborhoods, and may also consider options with city planning as a way to reduce violence.


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