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By Britt Moreno

DENVER (CBS4) – Protecting yourself may be as easy as looking in your jewelry box. Bracelets, headbands and sparkly rings can complete any look, but now your favorite baubles may emit noise, pepper spray or a panic alert. Wearable self-defense items can now be your first line of defense.

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Many of these products’ designers have had a brushes with violence, and that includes Denver entrepreneur Jacqueline Ros. Her little sister was attacked twice before the age of 17.

Ros says her sister was sexually assaulted at age 14 and then nearly kidnapped three years later.

“We simply did not know how to support her,” Ros said.

That feeling of helplessness motivated her to create a self-defense app that would protect her sister.

The app is called Revolar, which means to fly again in Spanish. The app is linked to a small clip-on button that can be discreetly worn underneath clothing.

“It gives you the ability to call for help without anyone knowing,” Ros said.

When you press the button an alert goes to people on an emergency contact list.

Right now Revolar has a prototype, but Ros’ company has a Kickstarter campaign running and they are accepting orders now.

Revolar joins a host of other self-defense wearable products. Mace Wear is another app-based pod that can be work as a watch or in a headband. It can detect a blow to the head and even takes pictures.

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(credit: CBS)

The Siren ring features a large stone that you can twist to let off a shrill noise. It is meant to ward off an attacker or call attention to you when you are in trouble.

CBS4 went to a self-defense international nonprofit called Impact to get more insight into how effective wearable self-defense items are.

Amelia Dorn runs the Colorado chapter of Impact Personal Safety of Colorado in Denver. She says a loud noise can ward off a predator because “it calls attention to them and it takes away one of their advantages, which is the element of surprise.”

Dorn says gizmos like wearable self-defense jewelry can help, but she wouldn’t want people to only activate one of the pieces and then stand there and not do anything.

She stresses putting hands up in front of your face is a good protective position.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

She goes on to say the most important tools you have are your body and voice. The best method of self-defense, she says, is to “practice using these pieces, your voice and body,” she said.

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