FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– The teenager who jumped out of a third story window after eating pot edibles claims he followed the recommended dosage.

On April 14 Austin Essig launched himself through a plate glass window at 1050 Hobbit Street, an apartment complex near Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

In a post on Fort Collins Police Services’ Facebook page Essig, 19, wrote that he followed the recommended dosage, he only ate one brownie and that his reaction to the marijuana was “far from normal.”

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Essig told police he ingested marijuana but wouldn’t say in the post where he got it. Police said they are investigating the case.

UPDATE: Mom Arrested For Giving Edibles To Son Who Jumped From 3rd Story

Essig shattered his hip and fractured a wrist in the jump. His roommate said he is at home with his family recovering.

A neighbor told CBS4 he heard the window shatter when Essig jumped and then found him lying bloodied on the ground.

“We heard a loud crash and I thought … that someone was breaking into vehicles,” Francis Labarbera said.

Labarbera said Essig was confused when he ran up to help him, saying he didn’t even realize he had jumped from a window.

“He was all covered in glass and blood and everything.”

Dr. Chris Colwell, director of emergency medicine at Denver Health Medical Center, said most people coming in to the ER for marijuana-related emergency issues have usually ingested edibles instead of simply smoking the drug.

Last month an Oklahoma man committed suicide at Keystone ski resort and his family blamed it on his ingestion of edible marijuana candies. And last year international student Levy Pongi jumped from the fourth floor balcony of a Denver apartment building to his death after he ate a pot brownie.