DENVER (CBS4) – Do you believe in global climate change?

It’s not always an easy topic to discuss.

Some feel it’s happening, but can’t decide if it’s a natural cycle or caused by humans.

Others feel it may be a little of both or not happening at all.

If you want to learn more about the topic, researchers from around the world have created a free online course through the University of Queensland.

It’s called a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC.

The class will explore why the topic of climate change is so controversial and hopes to explode a number of climate myths along the way.

It’s being taught by several renowned researchers from universities in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, including Dr. Keah Schuenemann, Assistant Professor of Meteorology at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

University of Queensland’s John Cook says the course will tackle climate myths and expose techniques that are often used to mislead the public.

“This free course explains why there is such a huge gap between the scientific community and the public,” said Cook.

The course, Making Sense of Climate Science Denial, features interviews with 75 notable scientific experts.

It incorporates climate science and the psychology of climate change to explain the most common climate myths and to detail how to respond to them.

“This isn’t just a climate MOOC. It’s a MOOC about how people think about climate change,” Cook said.

The seven-week course begins on April 28 and thousands of students from more than 130 countries have already enrolled.

To register for the free online class click here.

Meteorologist Chris Spears writes about stories related to weather and climate in Colorado. Check out his bio or follow him on Twitter @ChrisCBS4.

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  1. albert_ross says:

    Climate change is not a natural process. Scientists don’t just monitor the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and have a good guess at where it comes from. They track the isotropic forms of CO2, from which they can monitor exactly what the source of all this atmospheric carbon is. And guess what? Carbon-13, the gas produced by burning fossil fuels, has increased by more than 30% in the last decade. Wake up, people. It’s not a myth.

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