FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) –¬†Shards of glass littered the ground in front of a Fort Collins apartment complex after police say a teenager launched himself through a plate glass window three stories up.

A neighbor found the teen on the ground. Francis Labarbera lives right next door and heard a window shatter, then rushed outside to see what had happened.

“We heard a loud crash and I thought, or we both thought, that someone was breaking into vehicles,” Labarbera said.

When he ran outside he found 19-year-old Austin Essig lying on the ground outside, bleeding and badly hurt.

“I had to hold him down. He was all covered in glass and blood and everything,” said Labarbera.

Neighbor Francis Labarbera (credit: CBS)

Neighbor Francis Labarbera (credit: CBS)

He said he was holding Essig down trying to keep him calm after learning he had ingested a large amount of marijuana edibles.

“He didn’t know what he was doing. He said that he ate four edibles and had no idea that he even jumped out of a window and didn’t even know where he was at,” said Labarbera.

Police are investigating if edibles played a role, and if so, want to know what kind and where he got them.

Essig shattered his hip and fractured a wrist in the jump. His roommate said he is at home with his family recovering.