DENVER (CBS4) – Marijuana advocates who filled Lincoln Park across from the state Capitol in downtown Denver to celebrate 4/20, the unofficial marijuana holiday, began leaving the park by 6 p.m. on Monday.

The day is for pro-pot political action and the traditional smoke out. The 4/20 celebrations started over the weekend and Denver police issued a total of 160 citations at Civic Center Park on Saturday and Sunday.

What was different this year at the Cannabis Cup at the Denver Mart was there were no samples or sales. But that didn’t seem to put a damper on the crowd.

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“We have a lot of California companies here as well, and we have a lot of companies from Washington. If you go walk around, everybody is having a good time and there’s a lot of cannabis being smoked. It’s a celebration,” said Dan Skye, editor of High Times magazine.

Pot at the Cannabis Cup (credit: CBS)

Pot at the Cannabis Cup (credit: CBS)

Skye called the out-of-state participation in the contest a gray area, but there was plenty of pot to be seen, smelled — and smoked.

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“Cannabis straight up to get high, you know that. To get high and work and get that money right, you know what I mean?” a patron told CBS4.

While they were celebrating marijuana, at Westminster High School students were gathered by the North Metro Drug Task Force to hear about the dangers from other students.

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“Ever since we started high school we started using drugs like marijuana and all that. And I lost so many best friends that I cherished so much, and we had so many memories, and we just lost them all and now I don’t even talk to them anymore,” a student told the audience.

Lincoln Park on Monday (credit: CBS)

Lincoln Park on Monday (credit: CBS)

TIME LAPSE VIDEO: Smoke Billows From Lincoln Park At 4:20

Meantime, in front of the state Capitol, Colorado’s ban on public consumption of pot was flaunted, as it is each year on April 20. It was actually billed as a political rally to free people in jail on marijuana charges from before legalization, among other topics.