CANON CITY, Colo. (CBS4) – A standoff at an RV park in Canyon City ended in gunfire and a suspect being killed, but not before the suspect posted some chilling messages on Facebook.

Officers say they shot and killed a man who came out firing after barricading himself for several hours at the Canon City RV Campground located at East Main Street and Steinmeier Avenue.

Officers arrived at the RV park Tuesday night on reports of a possible murder-suicide and found a woman’s body laying outside an RV. The man was inside and refused to come out.

The scene early Wednesday morning (credit: CBS)

The scene early Wednesday morning (credit: CBS)

Officers tried negotiating for four hours, but the man came out firing early Wednesday morning. The man died on scene after police fired back.

The Fremont County Coroner’s Office identified the man as Stanley Watson, 72; and the woman as Marsha Watson, 60. The couple was married. Marsha Watson was shot three times, according to the coroner’s office.

The scene early Wednesday morning (credit: CBS)

The scene early Wednesday morning (credit: CBS)

According to KKTV in Colorado Springs, Stanley Watson was distraught over his marriage ending. While he was in the standoff with police he was apparently communicating with friends and family.

“He made several comments to friends and family through text messages and telephone calls that he was going to ‘end it all.’ That there was some sort of health issue here that he was suffering from and he was going to end it all,” Canon City Police Chief Paul Schultz said, according to KKTV.

A friend of the suspect told KKTV he saw a chilling Facebook post about the ordeal.

“17 years of marriage down the tube. Killed Dakota (dog) and (name redacted) tonight. Now in police standoff with swat outside the door. Hope they kill me!”

Dakota (credit: Dr. Pam Rose/KKTV)

Dakota (credit: Dr. Pam Rose/KKTV)

A dog was also found inside the RV with a gunshot wound. It survived and was being treated by a veterinarian and is expected to survive.

According to Stanley Watson’s friend, other people on Facebook responded to the post immediately and continued to communicate with him. From the posts it was said that Stanley Watson’s cancer had recently returned.

According to KKTV, the Facebook posts also said the couple had been married for nearly two decades and moved to Colorado four years ago to retire. They reportedly were managers at the RV park.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident.

– By Matthew J. Buettner,


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