DENVER (CBS4) – Children in foster care in Denver are involved in a great deal of transition, and foster families provide critical support during a tough time.

“First and foremost, we want to ensure that children are living in safe, stable healthy homes,” said Joe Homlar, a spokesman for Denver Human Services’ Child Welfare Division.

Homlar said they are currently working with 120 active foster families in the community, and there are also several hundred kinship care providers.

“These are relatives of children that have stepped up and cared for children that they are related to,” Homlar said.

Homlar says foster families and kinship care situations are crucial in helping support the potential of each child.

“Whether they are reunifying with their parents after several weeks, several months, or if they’re available for adoption, that goal remains the same: safe, stable, healthy families so that kids can thrive,” he said.

The Child Welfare Division is always looking for more people who might consider becoming foster parents. They hold monthly orientations twice a month.

Additional Resources

To learn more about foster care through Denver Human Services, call 720-944-4000 or go to


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