Former Governor of Florida and future presidential candidate Jeb Bush barnstormed Colorado on Tuesday and provided Denver a good preview of 2016.

Colorado’s status as a vital presidential swing state is stronger than ever since we swung back to a brighter shade of purple in 2014.

Jeb Bush knows this and while he hasn’t officially announced his candidacy, it is simply a formality.

Bush also displayed his campaign strategy while he was in Denver, trying to show that he can bridge the cultural divide in the Republican Party between evangelicals and libertarians, but also appeal to Hispanics with his fluent Spanish.

I understand that most Americans are not fond of the idea of seeing another round of Bush versus Clinton, but frankly, the strong money is on that very match up.

It’s common knowledge that no other high profile Democrat is going to offer Hillary Clinton a fight for the Democratic nomination. The nomination is hers to lose and after waiting a long eight years, I can’t imagine her wanting to walk away.

Because she is the favorite to win the nomination and will likely be able to raise the over $1 billion needed to run a major presidential campaign, Republicans know that they need to nominate someone who can keep up.

Many candidates are popping up and will continue to pop up on the Republican side. However, while many may be popular to the party faithful, few if any can raise the kind of money that Jeb Bush can raise.

The same day that Jeb Bush came to Colorado, Rand Paul formally announced his campaign, joining Ted Cruz out on the official campaign trail.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker will do their best to prove to Tea Party members and other party loyalists that they are conservative enough to represent the GOP in 2016.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush will raise the millions it will require to take on Hillary, give media interviews in Spanish and show primary voters that he’s the only one who can win in 2016.

I am smart enough to know that anything can happen and I can be proven wrong by GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire in just a few months.

But my money is on another epic chapter in the Clinton versus Bush legacy. Hillary is running and raising the money that will make Jeb the preeminent favorite within the GOP.

Whether we like it or not, Colorado should prepare to start seeing Jeb much more often.

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– Dominic Dezzutti, producer of the Colorado Decides debate series, a co-production of CBS4 and Colorado Public Television, looks at the local and national political scene in his blog. Dezzutti is also the host and producer of the Emmy award winning “Colorado Inside Out” on Colorado Public Television.


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