DENVER (CBS4) – Denver’s curfew ordinance is now in effect and police already have caught teens breaking the rules.

Police issued three tickets to teens who blew the curfew Friday night.

Ruby Valdez of Denver worries about her 15-year-old daughter breaking the 11 p.m. curfew during the week, or the midnight curfew Friday and Saturday.

“There’s really not that much I think you can do about that, so my daughter runs away sometimes,” she said.

Youth that break curfew during the active enforcement period of April through September are transported to the Denver Juvenile Services Center through the Denver SafeNite Program, which is an alternative to putting the youth through the court system.

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“All the time, always, every night,” a teen told CBS4 about breaking the curfew.

Some teens do respond to laying down the rules.

“I’d rather have a set time than no set time … because that’s when things start getting a little out of hand,” the teen said.

Denver’s curfew for teens is in effect all year long, but as the weather gets warmer the police will be looking for the curfew breakers more.


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