DENVER (CBS4) – This Friday Safety Youth Programs diversion officers and Denver police officers will begin actively enforcing Denver’s curfew ordinance through the end of September.

Under the ordinance youth are not allowed out in public from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday unless they are with a parent or legal guardian, or other certain circumstances such as work, travel and other approved activities. On Friday and Saturday the curfew begins at midnight.

Youth that break curfew during the active enforcement period of April through September are transported to the Denver Juvenile Services Center through the Denver SafeNite Program, which is an alternative to putting the youth through the court system.

“Efforts that promote safety and that aid to reduce the number of youth that enter the legal system are vital to the strength of our communities,” Executive Director of Safety Stephanie Y. O’Malley said in a statement. “A diversion option increases collaboration between parents and government and can lead to an outcome that includes corrective behavior, when needed.”

Their parents are contacted and a citation is issued. The youth then must complete a customized plan as an alternative to going through the court system. Once the plan is completed the case is dismissed.

“While it is our duty to enforce the City’s curfew ordinance, we also care about the safety of the City’s youth,” Chief of Police Robert White said. “We want to send a clear message about Denver’s reasonable curfew expectations and help kids avoid a citation for being on the streets when they really shouldn’t be.”

The Denver SafeNite Program began in 1994.

LINK: Denver SafeNite Program