DENVER (CBS4) – A study released by TripAdvisor compared the rates of room service in various global cities, a list that you actually want to rank low on.

TripIndex looked at 62 popular cities around the world, 15 of which are from the U.S., over the course of the last 12 months.

In order to compare room service rates, the study considered the price of a sandwich, dry cleaning for one shirt, and several items from the mini bar: water bottle, peanuts, mini vodka, and can of soda.

America as a whole was found to have higher prices than international cities — travelers can expect to spend about 22% more for room service. The average total cost for the listed amenities was $55 in U.S. cities, but $45 internationally.

Las Vegas is apparently the most expensive destination in the U.S., costing an average of $68 for room service. That beats New York City by a few dollars as well as Washington D.C. at $62.

As for the best value city in the U.S., that would be Denver with an average of $41 for room service.

Seattle falls close behind with a $42 rate, and Minneapolis had a $46 rate.

The best value worldwide, however, was Tunis, Tunisia with an average of $18 for room service, less than half of America’s least expensive. Other international bargain cities include Cape Town, South Africa ranked as the second best deal and Marrakech, Morocco as the fifth.

And the most expensive city internationally speaking is Helsinki, Finland, with an average rate of $89 for room service. That’s nearly five times the rate of the least expensive city on the list.

Many Scandinavian cities fell in the most expensive spots, four of them in the top ten (Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen).


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