ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – A teacher accused of bringing marijuana to a Jefferson County middle school is being questioned about how the pot ended up becoming part of a lesson.

Oberon Middle School officials are facing heavy criticism. They are accused of poor leadership over what some are describing as just an accident when a teacher brought marijuana to a school demonstration.

Teachers were showing students how to pack for an upcoming trip when a bag of marijuana popped out of a teacher’s luggage. That forced the Jefferson County School District to launch an investigation.

“Fire her … send a message … this is harmful stuff,” Arvada resident Erin Shull said.

Shull lives across the street from Oberon Middle School. She didn’t support legal marijuana to begin with, and now she’s upset, believing the school she’ll send her children to won’t send them a good message.

“What it tells the kids is, ‘This is not a big deal,’ when it’s proven to be addictive,” Shull said.

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Bringing marijuana on campus is a clear violation of district policy. School officials couldn’t discuss the specifics of what discipline the teacher might face, or just how much, but it’s already underway.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

In a statement, Jefferson County Schools said, “Because of the outcome of the investigation a new chaperone has been assigned to lead the student trip.”

Jefferson County’s School District could not go on camera to discuss what kind of punishment the teacher will face saying it’s a personnel matter.


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