DENVER (CBS4) – Three months ago Officer John Adsit of the Denver Police Department was on duty on a police bicycle when he was hit by a car.

In a new video released on Facebook Adsit spoke about his recovery, saying he doesn’t remember the collision.

The crash happened on Dec. 3.

“I was riding a bike along with several of my partners,” he says in the video.

Adsit and several other officers were escorting hundreds of East High School students who were marching down Colfax Avenue for a protest.

“We were responsible for kind of the lead of this march so we were on mountain bikes and doing our thing,” he said.

The bike patrol was cleared from the protest and as they rode back downtown a driver suffering from a medical condition plowed into them.

“I don’t remember the accident,” he said.

Adsit was dragged under the car and suffered the worst injuries.

Officer John Adsit's bicycle (credit: CBS)

Officer John Adsit’s bicycle (credit: CBS)

“My left arm was completely crushed. I lost my spleen. This leg, it was bleeding out pretty bad. The artery was severed,” he said.

“I do my remember my partner in the ambulance — which I didn’t realize I was in an ambulance — but I remember him giving me encouraging words and letting me know that I was going to make it.”

Adsit’s battle was just beginning, though.

“I know people have different views. You know, I didn’t see a bright light i didn’t see things like that. … I truly believe that in what I was going through I had an opportunity to give up.

“I was asked numerous times in this dream world to basically give up and I told them ‘You know, you’re going to have to kill me. I’m not letting go.’ … I chose to fight.”

He’s undergone more than 10 surgeries and a few weeks ago he was finally able to go home.

John Adsit leaves the hospital (credit: CBS)

John Adsit leaves Porter Adventist Hospital on Feb. 18. (credit: CBS)

“They were able to save the leg, crushed ribs, big old rod in my femur and got hardware pretty much everywhere,” he said.

It’s not clear if Adsit will return to the police force. For now, he says he’s looking forward to finishing his recovery at home.