DENVER (CBS4)– A proposal that would ban powdered alcohol is getting both support and resistance at the state Capitol.

The bill was introduced in the state Senate on Friday. It received initial approval in the Senate but because it was amended, the bill will first go back to the House before heading to the Governor’s desk.

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“When we started talking about this bill and I heard about Palcohol I said, ‘What is this?'” said Sen. Nancy Todd, a Democrat representing Aurora.

Bills regulating alcohol products are common at the state Capitol but the powdered alcohol proposal is a first. Coloradans can’t even buy the product yet.

Before powdered alcohol, or Palcohol, hits the shelves in Colorado, some legislators say they want to be ready.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The federal government approved Palcohol last year and then rescinded its approval.

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“The fact that it was approved, it was pulled back, it probably has a greater likelihood of being approved again,” said Todd.

Todd believes once it is approved, it will be in Colorado, unregulated by the state. Her bill would temporarily ban Palcohol until the state licensing board could adopt rules for regulating it.

The bill also directs the Department of Revenue to tax Palcohol as it does alcohol. If the packet instructs to add 16 ounces of water, it would be taxed like 16 ounces of whiskey, gin or other hard liquor.

Some believe the bill is premature.

“Colorado has always been this place of innovation. Come and do your own thing. I can’t support this idea of needing to ban something before it even becomes available,” said Sen. Owen Hill, a Republican representing Colorado Springs.

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Supporters counter if Colorado does go dry, so to speak, it will do so responsibly.