DENVER (CBS4)– The first annual report on marijuana has been released by the State of Colorado.

Recreational marijuana completed its first full year in 2014 and the numbers show it’s a budding industry in the state.

There are 2,249 marijuana centers in Colorado, up 30 in the past year.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Medical marijuana dispensaries outnumber recreational or retail pot shops. The price of medical marijuana is cheaper due to lower taxes.

There are some 16,000 people licensed to work in the marijuana industry which is considered a massive increase since recreational pot came on the market.

On the regulated market, 148,000 pounds of marijuana flower has been sold.

Mason Tvert, one of the key figures behind the legalization of pot, feels the report is important for something that has become unremarkable.

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“Marijuana is becoming quite boring in the State of Colorado now that it’s no longer taboo,” said Tvert.

The report does note that there are 367 complaint investigations including those of a criminal nature. That may include the federal criminal case alleging international money laundering involving Colombia by the owners of a number of dispensaries and grow houses.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Another problem area has been marijuana edibles. Testing is being conducted to make sure the retail products don’t contain more THC than allowed. The pass rate is 98 percent. Tests are also conducted to make sure the psychoactive ingredient is evenly spread through the product.

“Consumers don’t shop at stores selling products without good information on them. Consumers want to know what’s in the product and businesses have a very big interest in providing that information,” said Tvert.


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