DENVER (CBS4) – The moment of a deadly shooting outside a Denver nightclub was captured on a surveillance camera, shedding new details on what happened.

One man died in the shooting early Sunday morning. 27-year-old Marlow Jenkins Martin, a father of two, was gunned down outside the Arby’s on 11th Avenue and Broadway. Club Vinyl and several local bars had just let out.

Marlow Jenkins, Denver shooting victim

Surveillance video captured the sound of two shots fired, followed by six more. Another video shows several people running from the scene.

Candles burned on a Denver street corner Monday night as a grieving mother remembered her son, “Marlow loved everybody. Never did nothing to anybody.”

Martin’s sister, Cheyenne, had been standing next to her brother when the shots went off. At a vigil Monday night, she said she heard some kind of altercation, then gunfire, “I just seen him get shot. The next thing I know he’s on the ground…he’s dead.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Local business owner “Allan” didn’t want CBS4 to use his last name. He runs Wedgle’s Music & Loan on Broadway, and said, “It’s not safe after midnight around here.”

Crime has slowly moved into the area, he said, and Denver police need to send a message to criminals. He thinks there should be, “A little more police presence on Broadway here. They’re going to have to see they can’t get away with what they’ve been getting away with.”

And while police try to solve another downtown shooting, Jenkins said her son’s killer is living on borrowed time. “Whoever killed Marlow, you didn’t do anything but kill yourself. One thing about it, you will be caught,” said Margaret Jenkins.

The manager at Club Vinyl says the altercation did not involve patrons at his club. Denver police are talking to several witnesses, but no arrests have been made.


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