DENVER (CBS4) – Oh the horror! Oh the calamity! The evil of mankind is rampant in the abuse of…beer? At least that’s the message coming from #SavetheBeer KickStarter campaign.

Pop & Stop was created by aerospace engineer and Denver local Joe Hackel, who was frustrated that you can reseal nearly every other beverage except beer. Frustrated because, “I’m A) frugal, and B) like my microbrews, C) an engineer.”

So, “I put those things into a blender and out popped an idea – you can reseal beer with a little basic physics,” said Hackel. He also thought the same thing that opens your beer should seal it.

Not only is Pop & Stop a beer sealer, but also a bottle opener. It’s a two-in-one! And who doesn’t love a multi-tasking device?

The little invention supposedly keeps perfectly acceptable beer from going flat or from unnecessarily spilling. As stated on the KickStarter page, “Every minute of every day, beers are abandoned, lost and wasted. Fresh craft brew, spilled and gone.”

We all know this is wrong. Beers get abused at parties and tailgates, are knocked over or beer tapped into a foam volcano by a rude prankster. Well Pop & Stop is here to put an end to the madness.

The beer topper is made from sturdy silicone that creates the secure seal. It’s also made and designed in the US, “by fellow lovers of effervescent beverages!” It’s built by a 3D printer, and the Pop & Stop website touts it as a great gift that won’t break the bank.

A crowdfunding campaign was started in order to take the product to the next level with a mold that can be customized and produce on a larger scale.

(credit: Pop & Stop Kickstarter page)

(credit: Pop & Stop Kickstarter page)

The end goal for this product is business-to-business sales, “from gift guides, magazines, local breweries, to large box stores and swag item of choice at a major event (like the Great American Beer Festival),” explained Hackel.

Craft beer is quickly becoming an American phenomenon, and this invention is hurrying to provide a solution to one of its issues.

The campaign ends in 12 days and has already surpassed its goal of $8500 by an additional $8000!

It has plenty of funding but is still open to pledges. You receive an opener-sealer in return for your support, once the funding period ends and the money gets put to its use. A two-pack, a t-shirt, a personalized 10-pack — you can even star in their next video if you commit $2500!

And now that Pop & Stop has reached its pledge goal, keep an eye out for this intelligent invention around the Denver area.


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