DENVER (CBS4) – Efforts to repeal part of a law that will allow only low-flow toilets to be sold in Colorado starting next year has failed.

The new law requires all plumbing fixtures sold in Colorado as of September of 2016 to be certified water efficient. Rep. Tim Dore, R-Elizabeth, introduced a bill that would provide an exemption to homeowners on septic systems.

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Democrats killed Dore’s bill on Wednesday.

“It’s disappointing because the legislation was passed, while there may be good intentions in underlying reasoning, the collateral issues, the plugging of sewer systems … the potential long-term damage to the septic systems … the fact that we don’t know exactly what the costs are, especially to homeowners who live in rural Colorado and have this issue … that by itself is concerning and not they’re not being looked at and not being taken into consideration,” Dore said.

Supporters of the law say it will save up to 13 billion gallons of water a year.


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