DENVER (CBS4) – New rules went into effect on Sunday in Colorado that require marijuana edibles be designed both to keep children safe and provide a warning to adults about their potency.

All edibles are now required to come in child-proof containers such as a safety bag. They also have to be individually labeled so it’s clear what strength they are.

Brett Hyde, the manager of the Denver dispensary Sticky Buds told CBS4 on Sunday that as January came to a close his business tried hard to sell off the products they still had which didn’t meet the new requirements.

“You guys had to get rid of all the old product?” CBS4’s Melissa Garcia asked Hyde.

“We had to literally throw our edibles down yesterday to $5,” Hyde said.

Hyde thinks the new edibles that are now on sale at Sticky Buds are “a lot more compliant and child safe.”

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Before the Colorado Department of Revenue’s new rules, consumers had no way of knowing exactly how much THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient, they were ingesting.

“The industry could put 100 milligrams of THC, which would be 10 servings, in a small bite size piece,” said Gina Carbone of SMART Colorado. “And of course, no one’s cutting something so small into 10 pieces.”

Edibles are now limited to 10 milligrams of THC per individual serving. Cannabis-infused drinks are reduced to 8 ounces per bottle and chocolate bars are scored by potency per square.

Carbone hopes the rules will curtail overdoses linked to marijuana edibles.

Citizen Jay Daily, manager for edibles manufacturer Gaia’s Garden, says many in the industry are on board with the new restrictions.

“We had an active hand in creating these rules because in the industry we are part of the community at large, and we care just as much about everybody’s safety,” Daily said.

Activists say Colorado still has a long way to go in the regulation of marijuana edibles. There’s still no limit on potency for medical marijuana edibles.

Efforts in the Colorado Legislature are also aimed at requiring stamps or markings on marijuana edibles, which would differentiate them from regular candy and food.


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