DENVER (CBS4) – Should government have a say in how much water per flush a person needs?

State Rep. Tim Dore, a Republican from Elizabeth, wants to repeal part of a new state law that hasn’t effect yet. The law prevents the sale of any plumbing fixture that’s not water efficient starting in September 2016.

“They’re flushing once twice three times in some occassions to clear (the toilet). Plungers being used more,” said Dore.

Dore says people with septic systems shouldn’t be required to buy low flow toilets.

“A septic system, they are built for having certain amount of flush, a certain amount of water, going through the system to keep the lines cleared and these low flush toilets don’t have that water capacity,” he said.

State Rep. K.C. Becker, a Boulder Democrat, says the law doesn’t apply to existing plumbing, but going forward she says it will free up 13 billion gallons of water a year. She says that is water Colorado desperately needs as its population grows.

“This isn’t forcing you to make a choice in your bathroom right now,” she said.

“It’s about 10 percent of our projected shortage. Huge water savings. And if we don’t keep this bill in place we’ve just set ourselves back in terms of preparing for that water shortage.”

But Dore inists the law will require people to use more water.

“Really I started calling it last year the three flush bill.”

“Do we have water issues? Yes. Do we have to start addressing those issues? Yes they’re much bigger than toilets,” Dore said.

Dore has introduced a bill that would allow dealers to sell regular toilets to people on septic systems. It is being heard in committee next week. Everyone else will still only be able to buy low-flow toilets, showerheads and faucets.

Several other states have similar laws in effect.


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