DENVER (CBS4) – Investigators in Colorado found members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club gang trying to send meth through the post office — a federal crime.

Although eight members were in custody, there was concern on Wednesday that the gang leader wouldn’t be caught. Then a gang unit arrested Phillip Duran — the last member of a meth circuit to be apprehended — on Wednesday afternoon.

The 40-year-old ring leader, nicknamed “Bandido Fee,” is believed to have orchestrated a massive drug trafficking circuit, funneling meth to wholesalers who moved narcotics to the street.

Investigators recovered more than two-and-a-half pounds of methamphetamine, valued at $40,000. According to investigators, drugs were sold at a custom auto shop in Arvada, and at Duran’s home in Denver.

Meth was also sent through the mail.

A state grand jury returned indictments for Duran and seven accomplices. All are said to be members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, widely known as an outlaw gang.

They’re charged with violating Colorado’s organized crime control act, drug and firearms charges, as well as money laundering and conspiracy.

Duran’s long criminal record includes assault, drugs and a 6-year kidnapping sentence. He was released from the department of corrections two years ago, and is now back in jail.

Investigators have not released details on how the meth ring was intercepted, as much of that information is still considered crucial evidence in the case.


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