DENVER (CBS4) – Every woman I know uses it. My sister, my coworkers, my hippie friends to my preppy friends, and I’m suddenly obsessed myself.

Where else can one find such a bountiful source of crafting ideas and home improvements as on the endless craft abyss of Pinterest?

If you’re hosting a dinner, Pinterest has your recipes. If you’re setting up a birthday party, Pinterest has your theme. And if you’re moving to a new place, well, that’s just a blank slate to cover in Pinterest possibilities.

An avid pinner, Catie Grasso said, “I think Pinterest is awesome in the sense that it instills one of life’s most valuable qualities within us: imagination!”

There’s also a subtle form of feminism found in the never-ending photos of Pinterest.

Let’s be honest, men aren’t scrolling through the site looking at puppy pictures, how to tone up for bikini season, or for powerful life quotes to paint above their couch. It exists for the feminine. And that is fantastic.

Still today, you walk into Home Depot as a female and you’re in a man’s world. It’s not a bad thing–and you’ll be assisted immediately– but it is a little intimidating.

Pinterest provides a safe, judgment-free zone of creativity that caters specifically to women and their interests. It’s as easy as ever to find such home repair and pretty little things from the comfort of your computer, with the encouraging notion that you can do it all yourself.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Katie Jones even said, “I actually use it for work. It’s a great way to gather fresh design ideas and inspire me when I’m in a creative lull!”

The “adventure is calling” photos of a girl on a mountain; the beautified vintage headboard and painted candle holders that you too can make; and the “think positive thoughts” scripted notes found in every nook of Pinterest are wonderful messages on which to waste your time. It’s a small form of women’s empowerment in this DIY world of Pinterest.

Sure, if you’re obsessing over the perfect wedding in this digital world without having a boyfriend in the real world, that can be detrimental. But Pinterest is largely a dreamer’s site and an idea-generator that encourages authenticity and creativity.

As time-consuming, occasionally mind-numbing, and even obsessive as Pinterest can be, I think there’s merit in its subconscious message to women. A site that caters to the creativity, the positive femininity, and wholesome interests of women is indeed a good thing.

CBS4 social media and website producer Heather Sadusky writes about trending topics on social media and across the Internet on her What’s Trending Blog. Share a story idea with Heather by clicking here.

  1. ReShop Store says:

    Pinterest does work if you have the right merchandise in your store. For my store, Pinterest is the only thing that actually works to drive sales. Facebook ads, Google Adwords, were all just money wasters for my store. Pinterest is high ROI (free!!).

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