DENVER (CBS4) – Say goodbye to fluorescent ice cubs, man purses, and tree trolls that used to make you laugh on long flights. The goofiest of all magazines has filed for bankruptcy: SkyMall is going out of business.

As CBS News reports, Xhibit CEO Scott Wiley said in-flight internet access has had a big impact on SkyMall.

This beloved in-flight entertainment can no longer compete with high tech devices, and has finally succumbed to Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Candy Crush.

The nonsensical publication holds a hint of nostalgia for those of us born before widespread technology. Before there were cell phones, tablets, laptops, and apps, there was SkyMall. Maybe you brought a deck of cards, or even a GameBoy as a 90s kid, but when your parents cut you off or your brother ripped the cards, you turned to SkyMall.

You circled the things you wanted, like the robot fish that could swim in a pool, and laughed at the absurd inventions, like a scarf that beautifully conceals a neck pillow within.

Most recently as I skimmed through SkyMall–when I forgot my laptop and couldn’t reach my book–the last page flashed the ultimate grown-up toy: a speedboat that can dive underwater. The top hatch seals for a captain and one passenger, its aquadynamic shape perfect for plunging then shooting out the surface, and its paint job appropriately depicting a shark with fierce teeth.

And that’s exactly why I’m going to miss SkyMall: the utter ridiculousness of each and every item, no matter how hard you try to rationalize its use. CBS Seattle has a comedic list of the best-or worst–items here.

If you see a SkyMall edition on your next flight, do the magazine a favor and take it home. It just might become a collector’s item some day, you never know.

CBS4 social media and website producer Heather Sadusky writes about trending topics on social media and across the Internet on her What’s Trending Blog. Share a story idea with Heather by clicking here.


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