COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – National civil rights leaders are in Colorado speaking out about what many are calling a hate crime. Police and FBI agents continue to search for whoever planted an explosive device outside the NAACP Colorado Springs chapter earlier this month.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

There’s not much left now of the marks from the bomb set off on Jan. 6, but NAACP leaders said the message they take from it is lasting.

“If you thought we would roll over in fear, there can be no progress without struggle, we will not give up, we will not give in,” a speaker told the audience at the NAACP state conference.

Passionate words of perseverance and social justice evoked a standing ovation at the conference as NAACP president Cornell Brooks addressed the explosive device.

“Send a sign and a signal that the NAACP is undaunted and undeterred, and that we stand firm in our work,” Brooks said.

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Outside the conference a small group of opponents of the NAACP had their own message.

“We strongly feel that the bombing in Colorado Springs is a distraction … because they have no reason, not one reason to bomb the NAACP office because they do very little or nothing for the people,” activist James Tucker said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Brooks says the organization is heightening its security in response to continuing threats and acts of violence.

“To whatever deranged man or woman who did this, we want to make it clear to you that the work of the NAACP goes on,” Brooks said. “We refuse to be intimidated, period.”

An FBI spokesperson told CBS4 their agents continue to work with local law enforcement to find out who’s behind the explosion.


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