DENVER (AP) — A former Denver Human Services caseworker has been charged with official misconduct following accusations that she falsified reports in a case involving a woman whose 2-month-old daughter was hospitalized with skull fractures and later died.

Rotchana Madera is charged with forgery, tampering with evidence and official misconduct. She was arrested and released on a $5,000 bond.

According to an affidavit released Thursday, Madera worked for Denver Human Services and was accused of entering false information into the official case tracking system about her work on an assigned case last year.

Denver police said an investigation was launched after Colorado Child Protection Ombudsman Dennis Goodwin reported inconsistencies in reports on the death of 2-month-old Natalee Skinner-Hurst, who was hospitalized with skull fractures and died July 31.

Investigators said the mother, Kelsey Newell-Skinner, was tested during her pregnancy and traces of marijuana were found. Authorities said the mother told them she had been drunk and the baby was found badly beaten. The mother is charged with child abuse causing death.

Goodwin told authorities there was no record that Madera did a house visit or saw the victim as she indicated in her reports. Goodwin said Madera apparently falsified phone calls and other records in the case.

Officials told police Madera was conducting about 25 investigations at the time, which is about twice the number of cases other workers were carrying and that Madera was behind in her work.

Penny May, executive director of Denver Human Services, said Thursday the agency reviewed all other cases completed by Madera and conducted all appropriate follow-ups to those cases. May did not provide any details.

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