DENVER (CBS4) – Some artists use a paintbrush—others use a chainsaw.

Travis Reed, an artist currently showcasing his works at the National Western Stock Show, uses his chainsaw to make recognizable animals, signs and the like appear from a stump of wood.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Reed has no formal training, but, “My grandpa was a logger and I grew up around chainsaws.” So naturally, he just picked up a chainsaw and taught himself the art of carving wood.

In order to get the masterpiece from imagination to reality, “I just take away everything that doesn’t look like a bear,” says Reed.

He carves a variety of art forms, from the ever popular bear to satirical signs to everything in between. “We make everything. Seems we sell about 3 bears for every 1 other thing we make though,” pointing to their popularity.

His live shows are a fan favorite drawing crowds of hundreds.

“We always like to watch the chainsaw, they’re fun to watch,” says one fan. Another says, “It’s cool to see stuff appear out of a stump of wood.”

And as each 30 minute show reveals another wood-carved work of art, Reed says he hopes to come back year after year.

“We do a lot of stock shows all over the place but this is my favorite because it really is a real stock show.”

The National Western Stock Show continues in Denver for another week.


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