DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Police Department on Wednesday issued an alert for citizens in northeast Denver because of a spike in street robberies.

According to police, four street robberies occurred on Monday in the Green Valley Ranch and Montbello neighborhoods. Another happened on Tuesday in the Stapleton neighborhood.

Police said the suspects’ descriptions vary because of the amount of robberies.

“It’s pretty terrifying. It’s the first I’ve heard of it, but it’s a scary thing,” said resident Doris Walker when she learned of the police warning.

Police are not sure if the incidents are related but the suspects operate in similar fashion, targeting people who are alone after dark, either getting out of their cars, standing at a bus stop or walking the streets. The suspects hold them at gunpoint and rob them.

“It’s not any particular person they’re targeting, no group… they’re just approaching them and asking for their stuff,” said Denver Police spokesman Ron Hackett. “We just want our citizens in those areas to be careful and be cautious when they head home.”

Additional Information From The Denver Police Department.

DPD asks the public to be aware as they move about the city, and offers the following tips:

• Always be aware of your surroundings, and when possible, walk with a group or friend.
• Only carry what you need close to your body or in a front pocket, and don’t bring more than needed for the outing.
• Be discreet with valuables.
• Park and walk in well lit areas.
• If you feel that you may be in a dangerous situation while walking, switch directions or cross the street and look for an open business or a nearby home for assistance.
• Report any suspicious activity to the police.


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