So I’m thinking you want to drop a few pounds. Eat healthier. Exercise more. Have more fun and leisure time. Start the New Year right and really make your life better.

I know I’d like to do all of these. But if you like me, the odds are stacked against you.

One study put the six-month success rate of common resolutions at just 8 percent. Ouch!

So maybe the best way to go is easy. As in eaaaaasssssy. Some simple, common-sense goals that will keep a resolution from becoming a lost resolution, but a successful part of your life… one that you don’t even think about. No guilt.

Here you go:

Eat one more serving of a fruit or vegetable each day.

Exercise for 10 minutes just twice a week.

Get a calendar, and then write down at the start of each month the two days you are going to exercise. Remember, you can always add more days.

Phone a friend, then go for as walk. Having a companion makes exercise easier.

Get a scale, and weigh once a week. Aim for losing one to two pounds per week. No more — but be happy if it is more.

Keep a journal. Record your success.

Eat breakfast, even a small one.

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than you do now.


Have a date night each week.

Or have a cup of coffee with a friend each week.

Get one health screening this year — the one you’ve been putting off.

Now I’m sure you’ll look at this list and say, “This is crazy.” But the point is you really only want to pick a few — even only one if that’s what you can do.

The key is simplicity, and with it, a happier, healthier life