DENVER (CBS4) – Hundreds of volunteers from different faiths brightened the holidays for hundreds of homeless in Denver on Christmas Day.

On Thursday morning and afternoon, volunteers at the Denver Rescue Mission served Christmas meals and gave gifts. Early, at Civic Center Park, lunch was served. They were two of 15 places around the metro area where hundreds of Jews and Muslims pitched in to take the place of Christians on Christmas.

One event was called the Christmas Mitzvah Project — or “good deed project” — its logo a snowflake and Star of David merged together. Nearby, carolers sang “Joy to the World.”

“When we can come in and we have the time off and we don’t necessarily have any type of religious commitment with family or anything like that, I think it takes the burden off others,” volunteer Leslie Dias, who is Jewish, said at Civic Center Park.

Others said the call to charity crosses religious boundaries and offers lessons for youth.

“It’s in all of our religions to do good deeds, to do charity … and to show my son this is how we do it,” Andrea Mikulin-Topus, a Muslim, said.

A volunteer hands out items to people in Civic Center Park on Thursday. (credit: CBS)

A volunteer hands out items to people in Civic Center Park on Thursday. (credit: CBS)

One organizer said 650 volunteers helped 650 homeless. Packages given to the homeless cost at least $10,000, organizers estimated.

“They took time out of their day to come out and serve and give us stuff that people need out on the street, like sleeping bags, backpacks (and) hygiene supplies,” a homeless woman said.

Items like socks and undergarments were handed out, but children in need also received toys.

It’s the sixth year that similar events have been held for the homeless at Civic Center Park.

“It doesn’t matter the religious background of who is serving them and who is helping them,” Dias said. “It just matters that somebody does care and they’re not alone on Christmas.”