DENVER (CBS4) – One YouTube viewer called it “How FedEx Stole Christmas.”

A video posted two days ago to the Web shows a man and a woman chasing a FedEx truck down a Colorado highway as packages fall from its back door.

The video shows the driver swerving around boxes as they fly past his car.

CBS4 spoke to the man behind this video.

It started as a family road trip to Frasier Park — and ended as a Christmas rescue of sorts.

“As I got closer, I realized the door was open and there’s packages coming out,” Phil Dickson said.

During one of the busiest delivery days of the year, Dickson captured on camera the packages spilling along Highway 40.

“The concern, at first, was maybe we should pick them up, but then I thought if we picked them up, we’d never catch the driver,” he said.

So he flashed his lights to snag the driver’s attention.

“Your door is open! Packages are falling out!” Dickson can be heard telling the truck’s driver as he pulled up alongside the truck.

The video had more than 33,000 views by Monday night.

In a statement to CBS4, FedEx said: “We have addressed this situation and can confirm that no damages were incurred. All five packages were successfully delivered on the same day.”

But Dickson said more than five packages fell out — and he found more on the way home.

“We had seen a white box on the side of the road, so we pulled over and it was that first package that we had seen, so we picked it up,” he said.

On the box, he found the recipient’s name and number and called him.

“Told him I just dropped it off at the FedEx center and it may be delayed and beat up a bit, but he should be receiving it shortly,” Dickson said. “He thought it was amusing, thanked me and told me to have a Merry Christmas.”

So perhaps this video should be called, “How Phil Dickson Saved Christmas.”

“Anybody who would’ve been there would’ve done the same thing,” he said.

Dickson and his family say they hope their video didn’t cost the delivery driver his job.

Yet FedEx wouldn’t confirm if it did.

“It’s one of those moments we’ve all had, one of those moments like ‘Ah, man!’ ” Dickson said.


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