DENVER (CBS4) – Officials with Denver International Airport say a record could be set on Friday for the most amount of people ever in the security lines.

More than 64,000 passengers are expected at the airport on Friday.

The Transportation Security Administration is hoping that increased interest in its Precheck program will keep the lines moving along.

TSA Precheck is about more than just convenience. It’s one of a number of intelligence-driven, risk-based initiatives that travelers may not even notice. The idea is to graduate from the one-size-fits-all screening approach to a more effective one.

Traveler Patrick Santucci say it also lessens the headaches of holiday travel.

“I feel like in tailoring that approach and sort of narrowing the scope you can get a better look at what’s actually dangerous,” he said.

About 10,000 passengers have enrolled in the Precheck enrollment center at DIA since it opened this year. Airport officials said about half of those people who traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday did experience expedited screening.

Gregg Knaplund told CBS4 he is glad he signed up for TSA Precheck.

“It probably dropped the time (in security) by a third,” Knaplund told CBS4. “So I did like it actually a lot. Just not having to take your shoes off, take your belt off, take the liquids out of your bag, your laptop, made the process a lot simpler and easier.”

TSA Precheck is in place at five different airports in Colorado. Enrollment costs $85.

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