DENVER (CBS4) – Unlike baseball players who have easy access to a bathroom in the clubhouse through a hallway in the dugout, pro football players can find themselves in a bit a pickle when nature calls while on the sidelines during a game.

CBS4’s Vic Lombardi, who also hosts The Fan Morning Show with Mike Evans and Nate Lundy on 104.3 The Fan, was curious about how a player handles that situation. He got show guest Jake Plummer to shed some light on the subject on Tuesday morning.

The topic came up with the former Broncos quarterback during a discussion about Peyton Manning playing while sick against the Chargers in San Diego. Plummer said he once had to play through an illness and said he has to tip his hat to Manning for getting the job done on Sunday.

But Lombardi took the conversion to the next level.

“Jake, what do you do during the course of the game if you really have to go to the bathroom?” Lombardi asked.

“Well, you know, you have to pick your moments, you’ve got to be a little smart about it,” Jake responded.

The following are Plummer’s self-described 4 Ways NFL Players Handle When Nature Calls:

1. The Tunnel
“There is a little tunnel that you can run back and there’s a bathroom that’s right there,” Plummer said. But he said that only works for home games because in other stadiums players don’t know exactly where that bathroom is.

2. Gatorade Cups
“I’ve been one of the guys that’s held a towel up around a guy … and there’s all those little Gatorade cups; sometimes you fill up five or six of those,” Plummer said.

3. Towels
“I’ve heard of guys putting towels down in there and soaking them up, pulling them out and throwing them in the garbage … and putting another towel down there until you’re done.”

4. Hit the Locker Room
Sometimes it gets so bad players just have to take the walk back to the locker room and possibly miss part of the game. “There’s nothing worse than going out there and getting hit when you’ve got to go (laughs).”

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