JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– An intruder has been shot and killed in a home invasion in Jefferson County.

The home invasion happened about 8:30 a.m. at a home in the 26300 block of Clear View Drive in Mount Vernon canyon.

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It is not clear how the suspect, an adult male, got inside the home.

A Jeffco Sheriff's deputy near the home invasion where an intruder was shot and killed (credit: CBS)

A Jeffco Sheriff’s deputy near the home invasion where an intruder was shot and killed (credit: CBS)

“It’s kind of a shock to have something like this happen,” said neighbor Lisa Holland.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the man was shot in the home by the homeowner. The suspect was killed.

The homeowner ran to a neighbor’s home for help after the shooting. The homeowner, an adult male, was home alone and was not hurt. It’s unclear whether the suspect was armed.

“We’ll go back chronologically and try and put those pieces together, talk to neighbors, see if they’ve seen anything and start trying to get some type of information on the intruder who is deceased,” said Jeffco Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Techmeyer.

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Nearby Lookout Mountain Preschool was put on lockout after the shooting. Parents were told that at no point was there ever a threat to their children.

“It’s interesting how so little happens up here and then all of a sudden something as dramatic as what happened earlier today takes place… it’s a big surprise,” said parent Fabrice Fonck.

Jeffco deputies said a vehicle belonging to the suspect was also found. They are not sure if he was trying to burglarize homes in the area or if he targeted the neighborhood for a specific reason.

“We fight daytime burglaries all across Jefferson County, all the time in Jeffco south, in the mountains, we’ve had rashes here and there. I don’t know of any in this immediate area that come to mind but it is a battle we fight everyday,” said Techmeyer.

Holland lives just a few houses down from where the home invasion occurred and says they haven’t had any trouble in the area. She also said she can see how the neighborhood might be an easy target.

“Being close to the highway you have vagrants and people that are traveling from one state to the next,” said Holland.

There is no suspect information available.

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Investigators will likely be in the neighborhood gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses for most of the day on Friday.