DENVER (CBS4) – Two kittens rescued from a cold snap in September are available for adoption but will need specialized lifelong care.

After Kai and Gerda’s stray mother abandoned them, they were found barely alive.

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The kittens suffered from hypothermia and frostbite on some limbs, Dumb Friends League spokeswoman Megan Rees said. Kai lost both of his front paws.

The kittens were rescued and brought to a shelter in Castle Rock on Sept. 29. A foster family nursed the kittens back to health. Three others in the litter did not survive.

They’re now up for adoption. But before any potential parents go crazy for the kittens, the DFL said adoptive families need to be prepared to offer specialized care.

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“Kai definitely has some special needs long-term. He’s just going to need to be kept in the house, obviously, and on soft flooring, so carpeting. Aside from that, he appears to be a fairly normal kitten,” Dr. Jeff Fankhauser said.  Prosthetic paws might help Kai regain some mobility, he said.

People interested in adopting the kittens should contact the Dumb Friends League Quebec shelter.

LINK: Adoptable Animals At DFL

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Gerda (credit: CBS)

Gerda (credit: CBS)

Kai (credit: CBS)

Kai (credit: CBS)