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But we are not talking about the scooters of old. These are ultra-modern. Ultra sleek. Ultra doctor visit friendly. They are not the kind I messed with when I was a kid—in fact. most of my kids did not since this latest sleek, speedy style came out in 2000.

A new study in the journal Pediatrics says more than 260,000 kids a year wind up in ER with cuts scrapes broken bones and concussions — lots of causes — and leading the pack are things like scooters. And it’s not necessarily the manufacturers fault. They’ve tried to make them safety friendly. So a lot of the burden falls on us parents and grandparents.

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So as you make your gift list for Santa you need to keep some things in mind—such as is my kid ready for one of these sleek two wheeled racers?

The new version is lightweight, fast, collapsible—some are even motorized for added speed. And though all age groups are prone to taking a spill- the average age of injury is age eight. A style called “razor” leads to race to the emergency room.

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So as a parent- how do you stay away from paying a visit to me?

Make sure your kid is ready for one of these speedy contraptions.

Supervise: Watch. Observe.

Keep the kids out of areas with traffic, hills, and curbs.

And then the three most important things if you’re going to let your child be speed racer: helmet helmet helmet. One with a good fit — and remember, they only work if they are worn.

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Make sure they wear them — make sure you do — always set a good example when you’re on wheels.