DENVER (CBS4) – The last day of November means many men across the globe will be shaving as No-Shave November and Movember come to an end.

At Semion Barbershop in downtown Denver the pros were getting ready to switch from heads to chins Sunday morning. As Dec. 1 approaches, barbers say Denver men who’ve been foregoing the razor will be coming in for a fresh shave. It’s something owner Semion knows all too well.

“Since I don’t grow any hair on top; so I have to compensate, so I grow some hair on my face,” he said.

Semion says the event has grown a lot among his customers, and something echoed across the nation and the globe.

“Overall having a beard is a really cool thing now these days,” he said.

No-Shave November and Movember are worldwide. Growing only mustaches, Movember has been around since 2003. No-Shave November began in 2009. Both organizations put focus on men’s health issues like testicular and prostate cancer.

Semion gives CBS4's Mark Taylor a trim (credit: CBS)

Semion gives CBS4’s Mark Taylor a trim (credit: CBS)

It’s a campaign Semion is happy to partake in himself, adding that while it raises much needed research funds, it also opens the door to important health conversations and generates awareness.

“It’s something that brings everyone together,” Semion said. says all donations for the event will go to the American Cancer Society this year.

LINKS: No-shave.orgAmerican Cancer Society


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