DENVER (CBS4) – The side of a house in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood collapsed Friday, and investigators are trying to determine whether excavation in a neighboring lot played a role.

It happened at a two-story home at 2442 Glenarm Place. No one was home or injured during the collapse. The family’s dog was home, but it’s OK.

“It didn’t make any sound, just fell. That’s it,” witness Max Burlapan said.

Crews from Xcel Energy shut off gas to the area, and restoration crews were inside the building on Friday evening trying to stabilize it.

What caused the partial collapse is being investigated, but preliminary reports suggest there was excavation occurring in a lot next to the home.

The contractor doing the work said it had the proper permits and engineering needed, so they’re still not sure what went wrong.

A woman living in the house emailed the contractor Friday morning, inquiring about the safety of the project. The woman and her family are expecting a baby and recently finished the nursery.

Engineers with the city are examining the damage to see if the home can be salvaged or repaired.

Crews excavating ground at a nearby project said it’s necessary to install structural beams and lagging to protect nearby structures.