A new study says almost one in three people with diabetes have no idea they suffer from the disease. Even more surprising, most of those people have seen their doctor within the last year but for some reason weren’t tested for diabetes.

Untreated, diabetes can wreak havoc on your body, damaging your heart, eyes, kidneys, and blood supply to the other parts of the body, particularly the feet. In this study, most of those who had a problem suffered from Type II diabetes, whose symptoms are often not as dramatic or sudden as Type I, insulin dependent disease.

Symptoms of Type II can include include fatigue, blurred vision, changes in urination, and slow healing cuts and scrapes.

The risk for the disease is highest in people who are overweight, have a family history of diabetes, or tend to live an inactive lifestyle.

So what’s the answer to a problem where people’s lives will be cut short — and the lives they are living is spent feeling lousy?

One thing you can do is ask your doctor to perform a simple blood test, that is if he or she does not recommend you have one done. It really should be part of an annual checkup for a lot of people, especially those who just don’t feel well.

This is a study that suggests we doctors need a nudge. To live longer and better, don’t be afraid to give a little push.

For more info on your risk: diabetes.org



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