DENVER (AP) — Colorado ballots frequently are stacked with ballot measures that can change government as dramatically as any elected official. This midterm election was no exception.


Colorado overwhelmingly rejected a measure to extend rights to unborn children, known as a “personhood” proposal. Amendment 67 asked whether “unborn human beings” should be added to Colorado criminal code. Supporters said the measure didn’t outlaw abortion, just added protections for pregnant women hurt in crimes. But because the measure did not define “unborn human beings,” opponents said it could have been construed to chip away at abortion rights.


Voters decided not to require labels on many foods that have been genetically modified, known as GMOs. Proposition 105 would have require that modified foods sold in grocery stores carry labels that say “Produced With Genetic Engineering.” The measure saw heavy opposition spending, mostly from food corporations and biotech companies.

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Voters also rejected casino gambling at a horse racetrack in suburban Denver. Millions of dollars were spent on Amendment 68, which carried the promise that taxes raised would have funneled $114 million a year to public schools. The expansion applied only to Arapahoe Park in Aurora.


The night’s only successful statewide ballot measure was Proposition 104, which requires that school board negotiations with unions be open to the public. The measure orders school boards to allow the public to view negotiations on collective bargaining agreements, or union contracts. It does not apply to other governmental entities that negotiate with unions. Proposition 104 is a law, not a constitutional amendment, so state lawmakers could tweak it.


Sixty Colorado municipalities had local ballot questions. Marijuana sales were on ballots in 17 cities, and pot taxes were on ballots in 18 cities. Eleven cities considered higher sales taxes, and six cities asked voters about term limits. Aurora considered whether to repeal its pit bull ban.

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