DENVER (CBS4) – Wes Welker has caught dozens of touchdown passes from both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and one could argue no one knows them better than him.

Leading up to Sunday’s battle in New England between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, this week CBS4’s Vic Lombardi asked Welker to answer 10 questions that are on everyone’s minds about the two quarterbacks.

Welker responded to Lombardi’s questions by raising the cardboard cutout of the QB’s face. He held a Manning face in his right hand Brady face in his right hand.

1. Who screams more?

(credit: CBS)

2. Which is more inclined to go to a movie by himself?

(credit: CBS)

3. Who would make a better car salesman?

(credit: CBS)

4. Who is more inclined to wear an ascot?

(credit: CBS)

(Welker pretended he would raise the Manning face for this one but then raised Brady’s.)

5. Who wears more cologne?

(credit: CBS)

6. Who is not afraid to mow the lawn with his shirt off?

(credit: CBS)

(Welker’s answer to this one was neither.)

8. Who would be more inclined to change his own oil?

(credit: CBS)

9. Who would win a karaoke contest by singing nothing but Journey songs?

(credit: CBS)

10. Who would cry at a wedding?

(credit: CBS)

10. Which of these quarterbacks is most likely to hand out $100 bills to an adoring public while wearing a seersucker suit?

Welker’s response: “It’s a great question! I don’t know if Peyton would ever bet over $100 and I don’t know if Tom would ever win over $100, so that’d be a tough one.”

Wes Welker handing out money

Wes Welker handing out money after the Kentucky Derby (credit: Jeff Novak/Twitter)

“Wes Welker is the winner of this one!” Lombardi said.

Watch more video with Wes Welker in the Xfinity Monday Live section.

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